Exotic dancers in Shower Fun

Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn

Exotic dancers Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn arrived in Los Angeles to perform at the Playboy mansion. This is a movie featuring both performers taking a shower in their Hollywood Hills house, right before the show. Their lesbian instinct prevailed and they decided to have some shower fun. The scene was captured by Mistress Ania, while both big boob babes were kissing and soaping their dirty asses and pussies. Stay tuned for part two, which exposes the busty babes having lesbian sex in the bathtub. Enjoy!

Glamour Stars Dancing in Ethnic costumes
Glamour Stars Dancing in Ethnic costumes

Dentist Visit Lesbian Act

In this classic doctor fetish porno Shay Lynn visits her dentist for regular checkup. Little did she know that lesbian dominatrix Annie Cruz has exchanged position with Shay’s dentist in order to surprise her with hot fetish sex. Annie has waited for long time for Shay to come to Los Angeles, so this was a good opportunity. At first Shay did not recognize Annie’s face under the mask. Shay felt wired when the dentist started checking her big boobs instead of her teeth. Lesbo babe Shay liked the touch of the experienced “dentist” hand. Finally Annie removed her mask and Shay recognized her right away. What followed was a kinky fetish lesbian porno. Enjoy!

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